August 30, 2023

We are happy to share the memory about this day with our clients and partners - CIS Management opened its doors 12 years ago on this day, 30 August 2011, as a consulting firm.

Later on, in 2013, CIS Management obtained its trust license and has become one of the leading providers of services rendered to both: large international companies and smaller private clients. Our clientele portfolio now is spread worldwide, comprising clients form almost all continents and regions (Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Middle East). Clients of CIS Management are active in various fields, such as drilling, oil and gas, R&D, energy & electricity, agriculture, water supply, real estate development, hospitality, tourism, IT technology and telecommunications, E-commerce, etc. The cornerstone of our speciality is the individual approach we take to every client, thus, offering suitable combination of services and fees.

Our team is delighted to celebrate its 12 years of successful history and is looking forward to continue its professional growth and development together with our clients and partners!

Please feel free to contact CIS Management about our services.