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Business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have a very competitive business climate, maintaining attractive regime for financial, holding and other business structures.

Some of the most evident benefits of doing business in the Netherlands are listed below:

  • no withholding tax on outgoing interest;

  • a wide tax treaty network;

  • capital gains and/or dividends received by a Dutch holding company can be exempt from the Dutch corporate tax;

  • 30% ruling, allowing a tax-free payment of 30% of salary to employees, provided that specific requirements are met;

  • the applicability of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive which reduces the foreign withholding tax on incoming dividends in many cases to 0%;

  • participation exemption, which provides that all benefits related to a qualifying shareholding, including cash dividends, dividends-in-kind, bonus shares, hidden profit distributions and capital gains are exempt from the Dutch corporate income tax;

  • a ruling practice which allows to determine the taxation in advance;

  • corporate tax return can be filed in a foreign currency (= functional currency);

  • the facility to carry forward losses for nine years and backwards for one year;

  • availability of a fiscal unity regime;

  • Schiphol airport and Rotterdam harbor are two main gateways to Europe, and the Netherlands in general have superior logistics, technology infrastructure and access to financial markets;

  • flexible corporate law, very suitable for the set up of joint ventures;

  • high level of investment protection by means of tax treaty network and a highly developed legal system;

  • in surveys the business environment is generally top rated.

CIS Management B.V. can assist you on all aspects of incorporation and support of business in the Netherlands as well as arrange for all formalities related to the local settlement of your family, in accordance with the requirements of the Dutch law. To get more information on our services, please fill in the form. Our specialist will call you back asap.

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