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Register a company in the Netherlands

Are you choosing a European jurisdiction for starting up business?
Considering moving abroad and obtaining a European residence permit?

Have a closer look at the Netherlands!

The country of tulips and oysters, shipbuilders and sailors, the mother land of Van Gogh and Hieronymus Bosch is offering comfortable conditions for doing business and for building a life. The Netherlands offer wide opportunities for international investments, low mortgage rates, beneficial terms for obtaining residence permits and also unique mechanisms for asset protection.

CIS Management is pleased to offer services on incorporation and full corporate support for companies in the Netherlands, based on individual approach to each client.

The following types of entities are possible to set up in the Netherlands:

  • BV (besloten vennootschap) - a private company with limited liability – is the most popular type of business preferred by setting up a holding/finance/royalty company;

  • NV (naamloze vennootschap) - a public company with limited liability, mostly preferred for structures aiming at placing shares on a stock exchange, as well as being involved in banking or insurance business.

The other widespread forms of business are:

  • СV (commanditaire vennootschap) - partnership with limited liability;

  • STAK (stichting administratiekantoor) - a foundation, often used for asset protection purposes, unique for its separation of legal and economic rights to the contributed assets. The mechanism is beneficial by inheritance planning, whereby you can provide for a tax free and transparent transfer of family assets.

The incorporation procedure in the Netherlands goes in 2 steps:

Step 1 - KYC (know-your-client) procedure.

This procedure is handled by a trust company (CIS Management B.V.) for the purpose of complying with the regulations and also for introducing a client to the notary for further registration procedures to be taken care by the latter (entities in the Netherlands are established through passing of notary deeds).

To get more information and find out exact price of services please, fill in the form. Our specialist will call you back asap.

Step 2 - preparation of documents and information for company establishment.

Based on information received with regards to the future company, the notary drafts a deed of incorporation and a power of attorney to be issued by an incorporator (shareholder) in the name of the notary. The Power of attorney should be legalized. Therefore, there is no need for the shareholder to be personally present before the notary for executing the deed, nevertheless, if you intend to travel to the Netherlands it is recommended to step by at the notary’s office to have yourself identified and your passport copy certified to save costs on legalization.

Prior to incorporation it is important to decide where the statutory seat of the company will be situated and who will be forming the board of directors.

The Dutch corporate law prescribes that a company should have at least 2 directors (persons/entities), 50% of the board to consist of Dutch residents for the company to be qualified as a Dutch resident for tax purposes.

CIS Management provides both – directorship and domiciliation services.

After the notary deed is executed, it takes 2-3 working days to complete all the registration related procedures.

Our specialists are ready to assist you with overcoming all the difficulties connected with setting up a business structure abroad. We will take the lead on covering all tasks along the way, not only by establishment of business, but also supporting you on all aspects of your business lifecycle, taking care of legal, accounting, tax and other related matters 24/7.

To get more information and domiciliation services please, fill in the form. Our specialist will call you back asap.

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