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Management services

It is a statutory requirement that at least 50% of the board members of a Dutch entity are Dutch residents for the entity to qualify as a Dutch tax resident and enjoy certain tax benefits.

Dutch resident director may be represented by a legal entity (corporate director) and/or by an individual (personal director).

One of important functions entrusted with a director is the obligation to manage entity’s bank accounts from the Netherlands. Bank accounts may be opened at any preferred bank of any jurisdiction. It is possible to have a financial manager with broad financial powers in place, but the director must be able to directly oversee and operate through accounts.

CIS Management is licensed to provide management services: both personal and/or corporate directors are available. CIS Management, acting as a director, can execute all contracts and legal documents, as well as manage corporate bank accounts from the Netherlands, upon the instructions and on behalf of the client (in practice a joined authorization system is implemented).

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