September 5, 2021

21 September 2021 is a special date in the Netherlands. It is a traditional Budget Day (Prinsjesdag).

Every year on third Thursday of September the Dutch government launches its plans for the coming year.

The King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander travels in the Glass Coach to the Hall of Knights in The Hague. There he reads the Speech from the Throne, officially opening the parliamentary year.

On the morning of Budget Day the Minister of Finance signs the Budget Memorandum and the central government budget. These documents are then placed in the ceremonial briefcase and the Minister of Finance walks with it from the finance ministry to the Binnenhof, where he presents the budget to the House of Representatives at 15.00.

The plans announced on Budget Day still have to pass through the House of Representatives and the Senate (Tweede en Eerste Kamer).

Here is a short overview of legislative proposals including measures in the Tax Plan 2022 package which will be discussed on the upcoming Budget Day.

The Tax Plan package is expected to consist of six bills:

1. Bill Tax Plan 2022

2. Bill Other tax measures 2022

3. Bill Tax Liability Measures for Reverse Hybrid Organizations

4. Legislative proposal Lowering the landlord levy

5. Bill Collection Act Recovery Operation Allowances

6. Legislative proposal to strengthen the basis for camera surveillance and data processing Customs

In addition to the Tax Plan 2022 package, the following tax bills are expected to be submitted:

1. Bill to combat mismatches in the application of the arm's length principle (summer 2021)

2. Bill implementing excise duty guidelines 2022 (September 2021)

3. Bill on the qualification of foreign legal forms (winter 2021/2022)

It goes without saying that the legislation is still being worked on and changes may still occur.

CIS Management will keep you informed on further developments of the Tax Plan 2022.