October 30, 2017

CIS Management B.V. is honored to announce that recently the company became a member of NVVTK (Nederlandse Verenigingvan Trust Kantoren, http://www.nvvtk.nl/). NVVTK is a Dutch Association of trust offices which is established in June 2017 with the aim to strengthen communication between trust offices and third parties such as the Dutch Central Bank , compliance officers, banks, providers of CDD-software etc. The association will serve as a compliance platform for exchanging experience and knowledge, organizing various meetings and seminars for employees of trust offices in order to increase knowledge, update amongst other on legislative changes and discuss practical aspects of various compliance requirements. The seminars will be also organized in English, which is very important for international colleagues.

Trust offices will be able to ask NVVTK questions with regard to interpretation of certain compliance laws and regulations and NVVTK will act as intermediary between the Dutch Central Bank and the trust offices. In this way it will be possible to achieve unified standards, improve communication and knowledge within the trust sector.